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Fender Mustang Bass / Vintage Brown 1976
sorry sold 02-2017

This is a used Fender bass. It's a Mustang Model, and serial number, and all else I look at on the bass, seem right for 1976 as date. Frets have wear but have life left. Nut looks a little to grooved out at smaller strings, but it's playing. Residue remains from what possibly was foam dampeners, at the bridge. Electronics are working, but note there is a ground hum if not touching the strings. I have taken several photos, and as I find more detail I will add such. This again is used and shows such, though overall good shape for age. See last photos to show largest ding on the bass, and residue at bridge. That said, see pics and Let me know if you got questions. Frazier - 601.859.8596. on smaller pic to open large version in new window


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