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Newport Folk Festival 1965
sorry this item sold 06-2017

This is a cool old record in very good shape. I certainly have LOVED listening to it. This opens up like rocking out. Early Folk Rock? For sure it's rocking, and it's ELECTRIC. Some cool harmonica. "Mellow Down Easy" is the opening song by Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Nice clean listen. Then "Black Mountain Rag" with the Lilly Boys and guests. Got Bluegrass Folk here. Good clean listen again. 3rd in is "Son's Blues" by none other than SON HOUSE! Can you say OLD SCHOOL BLUES SLIDE GUITAR? Well after you listen to this you can. There is the tiniest bit of scratch & tiny pop here and there but does not obtrude on the recording in my opinion and is overall nice clean listen. 4th tune is "Washwoman" with the Ishangi Dance Troupe. Lot of PERCUSSION here. I'm afraid I cannot see them dancing thru my listening, but the percussion and chanting puts it in my mind pretty good even without seeing. Good clean listen and LOOK?. 5th in line is "Been in the Storm So Long". Moving us with gospel choir like music here is the "Moving Star Hall Singers". Good clean listen here. Last song on side one is "My Love Comes Rolling Down" by Eric Von Schmidt and others. Old style Blues/bluegrass is back. Good clean listen rounds out this whole side as nice clean listen. NOTE: See photos for total listing of artists and songs.

SIDE TWO opens with "Banjo Medley" with Bill Keith and Jim Rooney. Tis what it Tis. Good clean Banjo thang. Next up "Duncan and Brady" performed by John Koerner and Tony Glover. The song title sound like a group to me. Upbeat BLUES Humor Social Conflict Song. Almost sounded like pop in beginning, but it was foot stompin! Kinda Smothers Brothers like. Good clean track. 3rd tune is "Tricks Ain't Walking No More". A few very light pops in beginning of this song & a few thru song here and there. Not bad. It's sort of a mellow blues song with a female vocalist. Overall good listen. 4th? SON IS BACK! Son House giving us "Death Letter Blues". A little more open tuning slide old style DELTA Blues Guitar! Good clean raw blues listen. 5th tune is "Bottle Music" by the Chambers Brothers. There is literally some bottle playing going on here and it sound pretty dang cool! Good Listen. They continue on to the 6th tune with "I Got It". BLUES Rootsy with tambourine and clapping and clean/pushed electric guitar. NICE!!! Good clean listen. And one thing is for sure....THEY GOT IT!!!!!! Closing out side 2 of this wonderful LIVE IN 65 album is "Rock of Ages" with Mel Lyman on Harmonica. Nice, but a little 'mellow' and 'long' and in danger of yawns approaching, and just sort of fades out with no sign of crowd or applause. I'm thinking they should have done this next to last, and closed with that next to last house rocker, "I GOT IT". Oh well, I wasn't the producer, and that was over 45 years ago. Still a GREAT PIECE OF VINYL HISTORY!!!

This came with a batch of Folk Records I got in. There is some pencil markings on the cover marking the songs to learn, and or keys and such. Owner was a keyboard player who apparently loved to listen to and play along. See pics and let me know if you got questions. Frazier - Small Town Music - 601.859.8596

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